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    What are fire watch security guard duties and responsibilities

    What Are Fire Watch Security Guard Duties and Responsibilities?

    Hiring a fire watch security guard is essential for any comprehensive security plan. A common occurrence is the outbreak of fire in buildings, properties, factories, businesses, and other types of operations. Therefore, preventative actions are absolutely necessary to take in order to forestall this potentially disastrous incident. This is where fire watch security companies step in to offer their comprehensive services.

    Why You Need to Employ a Fire Watch Security Guard

    Fire watch guards can be hired on a permanent or temporary basis, depending on the requirements of the business, and their primary purpose is to provide support for the procedures that the business has put into place. However, they can also perform essential services in locations where there is a very high risk of fire or in locations where an internal system, such as a fire alarm system or water sprinkler system, is temporarily not functioning properly. Because of this, having a fire watch security guard is important in order to protect people and property from fires, which could be caused by the following:

    • Inappropriate storage of toxic materials
    • Lack of safety equipment
    • People smoking in a high-risk area
    • Arson/mischief
    • Poor safety procedures

    The Duties of a Fire Watch Security Guard

    The primary duty of individuals assigned to fire watch is to sound the alarm in the event that there is an emergency so that firefighters can be summoned into the building. Also, as a part of their job description, they will inspect all of the exits and the fire extinguishers. In the event that there is a fire, the supplies are essential for carrying out a speedy evacuation and notifying any other residents of the building. Additionally, a fire watch security guard is required to carry a flashlight, a portable horn, a set of keys to the premises, writing supplies, and a copy of the duties that are specifically assigned to them.   

    What Are the Responsibilities of Fire Watch Security? 

    Unlike a typical security guard, a fire watch security guard is required to go through extensive training to prepare to serve as first responders if a fire breaks out in the site that they have been assigned to watch. Their list of responsibilities includes:  

    • A Fire Watch Security Guard Scans the Site

    An efficient Fire watch security guard follows a schedule during the course of their shift to ensure that all fire extinguishers and equipment are in proper operating order. After completing their inspections, they update the record with information such as the dates on which the fire extinguishers are set to expire. This allows them to determine when it is necessary to replace the extinguishers.

    • They Report Any Safety Concerns

    Fire watch security officers are trained to instantly report anything that seems unusual or out of the ordinary to a higher authority figure to address and resolve the issue. In addition to that, they ensure that the fire alarm system is activated and that the fire department is just a call away.

    • They Prevent Fire Outbreaks

    A fire watch security guard is tasked with a number of important obligations, one of the most important of which is the prevention of fire. When you hire a fire watch service, they keep a watchful eye out for any unusual behavior or items that appear to be out of place in the workplace and perform routine checks by walking about the premises. The security personnel will keep a vigilant watch for anything that has the potential to start a fire, such as combustible materials that are too close to sources of heat, sparks that are not typical, and electrical appliances that have the potential to start a fire.

    • Provide Prompt Evacuation

    In the event of a fire, the police and fire department may not always be able to be on the scene in time to provide evacuation instructions. When there is limited visibility, one of the most important jobs of a fire watch security guard is to ensure they have access to the appropriate instruments, such as flashlights, to guide people to safety.

    • Fire Watch Logging

    The fire watch guards work in shifts, and it is very necessary to report any activity that occurs during patrols in some kind of security system. For example, the guard on the night shift is responsible for making their rounds at the start of their shift and recording their findings at the end of their shift. To guarantee that the day shift guard’s rounds are consistent with the night shift guard’s rounds, the day shift guard reviews the night shift guard’s patrol log before performing the same rounds that the night shift guard did.

    • Patrolling Service

    Because of the potentially dangerous chemicals present, it is normal practice for a fire watch security guard to patrol warehouses and factories. There is an increased risk of starting a fire whenever combustible and hazardous materials are brought into contact with machinery that is powered by electricity.

    Wrapping up

    Before they start patrolling the premises, the vast majority of guards receive specialized training from the fire watch company and learn about the hazardous compounds that are present in the environment of their place of employment. This educates them on the various types of flammable materials and what to do during a fire outbreak. These sessions train them to efficiently put out fires while simultaneously contacting emergency services, allowing for a faster response time. These are the fundamental fire watch security duties and responsibilities, which can be applied to every type of building. Of course, all organizations and buildings are different.

    A fire watch security guard will face unique challenges in each of them. However, these are the responsibilities that can be applied to every type of building. Mission Protection is the company to contact if you find yourself searching “fire watch near me”. We will discuss your needs and how we can protect your business from the risk of fire under any conditions.

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