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    Leading Unarmed Security Guards Services

    Mission Protection specializes in unarmed security guards, and we can provide both short-term and long-term contracts for these services. Our officers are competent, dependable, and well-versed in their fields. Every one of our unarmed security personnel is specially trained to work in the specific surroundings of your property or business. Mission Protection’s unarmed security personnel are trained to protect your organization and property from fire, theft, incursion, and other unlawful acts that disrupt the peace and put people or property in peril. Businesses and residential premises that are frequently the target of violence or theft may find it necessary to hire unarmed security guard services to defend themselves and their assets.


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      We provide security guard services in the following counties of California:

      Premium Unarmed Security Guards Services All Over California 24/7

      Mission Protection has established itself as one of the nation’s leading providers of unarmed security guards. When it comes to securing locations of all sizes and configurations, our excellent security personnel are second to none. Unarmed security guards working with Mission Protection have provided businesses and workplaces with unrivaled levels of protection.

      We are the leaders in private security services in California. Our team of security professionals is made up of off-duty and retired police officers and military individuals who have received extensive training. Their knowledge and expertise are unrivaled across all industries. Our unarmed guards can give your company the highest level of protection currently available. In any situation, unarmed guards from Mission Protection can assist you in achieving your security objectives.

      Why Hire Our Unarmed Security Guards?


      Crowd control and low-risk security circumstances are ideal for our unarmed security guard service, which is available 24/7. Our guards are appropriately trained, highly skilled in observation and de-escalation techniques, and can blend in smoothly with the rest of the site's operations.


      In every situation, our unarmed officers conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner, making them a vital asset to your property's security. They stay vigilant of their surroundings and provide you with a sense of safety and comfort at all times.

      Extra efforts

      Our professional unarmed security guards contribute to crime prevention and the protection of persons and property by patrolling, protecting entrances and exits, observing activities, and ensuring that the environment is safe and secure.


      Yes! Unarmed guards serve as your first line of protection against enraged customers, criminals, and trespassers that may come into your establishment. The mere presence of unarmed guards is frequently enough to dissuade thieves and vandals from attempting to ruin your stuff or create a commotion on your property.

      Mission Protection’s unarmed officers are extensively trained to handle all types of situations. Upon the occurrence of an incident, our unarmed security officers are to control the crowd and minimize damages. They utilize their superior training to respond to emergencies such as fires or active security threats and assist those in need. Our guards have specialized training that allows them to resolve confrontations quickly and effectively utilizing a range of strategies, even though they do not carry firearms.

      At Mission Protection, we understand that you are concerned about the costs of running your company as a business owner. Security is essential; nevertheless, employing armed security staff can be costly to your company’s financial line. Unarmed security guards may be a more convenient choice for many small firms or those who do not operate in high-risk situations.

      Peace of mind, of course! The presence of an unarmed security guard on your premises sends a clear message to your employees, customers, suppliers, and other visitors that someone is looking out for them and keeping them safe. It also demonstrates that you are concerned about the people under your supervision. Unarmed security personnel adds to a general impression of calm and safety by reducing the risk of violence.

      All of our security guards have received professional training and are licensed to provide you with the protection you require to live and work in complete safety and security. We put our security guards through a comprehensive background check, drug testing, firearms training, and ongoing security training to ensure that they provide the best security services.