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    High-Quality Transport/Logistic Security Guard Services

    When goods are enroute, they are more susceptible to mishaps like theft and damage than when they are at their final destination. According to Financial Security Guard Services statistics, people and organizations alike lose a significant amount of money every year as a result of damaged or missing shipments. In reality, as of today, theft and other terrible incidents involving the transportation and logistics business have risen in frequency and severity. Transportation and logistics security services can aid you in preventing such incidents from occurring and ensuring the safety of the cargo you manage. Our logistics security services in Southern California include responding to security breaches, theft, vandalism, and shipment loss and damage. Contact Mission Protection Services to learn more about our approach to logistics security. We also conduct regular security audits in order to examine and detect any security concerns in your warehouse or distribution center. Our security services relieve your team of certain inventory and inspection responsibilities while improving our capacity to offer adequate security. Whether you are in charge of a loading dock or a train yard, our management team will develop post order responsibilities that are tailored to your company’s requirements.   


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      We provide security guard services in the following counties of California:

      Premium Transport/Logistic Security Guards Services All Over California 24/7

      Shipments are vulnerable to theft and accidents whether they are being transported by truck or by ship to and from the port. According to the FBI, approximately $30 billion worth of shipments are lost or stolen every year, and cargo theft has reached an all-time high level. In addition, criminals might employ your containers to carry unlawful and Financial Security Guard Services illegitimate products into the country. The security of your supply chain facility is therefore equally important to the cargo management system in place. Reduce the loss and theft risks that arise at your business by partnering with qualified transportation and logistics security partner.  

      As one of the most competent and well-respected security guard companies in the market, Mission Protection has established itself as a leader in the field. Our client base is rapidly expanding as a result of the high quality of service we provide. Our security guards have years of expertise and are well-trained to deal with any challenging circumstance. More significantly, they are competent in adjusting to any circumstance and providing impeccably clean security for your company. We are prepared to provide you with tailored security solutions that meet your specific needs.

      Why Hire Our Transport/Logistic Security Guards?
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      Highly-Trained Security Guards

      To ensure your safety, we provide you with personnel who have undergone professional training and are highly qualified. They are also licensed and authorized. You can rely on our guards' expertise and be confident that they will handle security-related issues in a professional and courteous manner.

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      Professional Service

      Our well-trained guards are highly effective in deterring theft, vandalism, graffiti, loitering, trespassing, and other criminal activities on site. Utilize this high-quality service, which is available at a reasonable price, to achieve the results you deserve with our qualified team of professionals.

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      Quality Protection

      Get the results you deserve with this high-quality service and at a reasonable price! Every job is handled by a qualified team of professionals who bring their years of experience and knowledge to the table. However, what truly distinguishes our services from the rest of the industry is our meticulous attention to detail and responsiveness to the individual needs of each client.


      If you are in charge of high-value cargo transportation, you are well aware of the importance of keeping your goods safe. Thieves frequently target expensive goods (pharmaceuticals, building materials, equipment, and electronics), putting the driver’s life in peril. It also implies that you run the danger of losing your belongings as well as large sums of money. Because of this, transportation security is extremely vital. When it comes to transport security, it means having highly trained personnel protect your goods from the time it is picked up by the driver until it is delivered. This safeguards both your driver and the cargo, which may be worth millions of dollars.

      If you want to ensure that your high-value cargo is delivered securely and on schedule, transport security guards can assist you in safely organizing transportation and reducing risk. Until the goods are delivered, transport security officers are on the lookout for any signs of damage or theft. They will also assist you with the customs processes as well.

      A transport security guard guarantees that everything runs well from the time of pickup until the delivery of the package. Their responsibilities include verifying that you are in compliance with current safety laws and regulations, monitoring the cargo throughout transit, and protecting both the items and the driver from damage.

      The following are the responsibilities of a transport security guard:

      • Organize transportation according to strict rules
      • Ensure all security measures are taken
      • Monitor high-value goods during loading, transportation, and unloading
      • Inspect transport providers and their licenses to find reliable companies to cooperate with
      • Handle warehouse services
      • Handle customs
      • Monitor the location of cargo at all times using GPS
      • Pre-screen parking lots before the driver parks the vehicle
      • Keep contact with the driver 24/7
      • Handle several other tasks depending on the circumstances
      Things like electronics or medications can have a monetary worth in the millions of dollars or more. Consequently, the transportation of such high-value goods is extremely hazardous and puts the driver’s life in peril. By employing transit security, you can reduce the likelihood of accidents. A competent transport security business will guarantee that they locate the most efficient delivery route, that you are in compliance with safety regulations and standards, and that the cargo’s position is constantly monitored using GPS navigation devices. Transport security officers also communicate with the driver to ensure that they are up to date on the situation. What you get by hiring transportation security:
      • Prevention of theft and huge financial loss
      • Prevention of harm to the driver
      • Monitoring cargo during transportation and storage until delivery is complete
      • Assistance with customs procedures and warehouse services
      • Assistance with documentation
      • Transportation of security pre-screens parking lots
      Most importantly, you will have peace of mind knowing that your goods and driver are secure and that the chance of theft is reduced to a minimum.

      When working with high-value commodities, you must take every precaution to secure their safety. Mission Protection, a reputable and highly qualified transportation security firm, can help you achieve this. In California, we are one of the top-rated security businesses, and we take our position as such extremely seriously. It will be the finest decision you have ever made to hire a reliable transport security firm since you will no longer have to worry about transportation details and safety precautions while on the road. We’ve been taught to take care of everything in order to ensure that things are delivered safely and on schedule. We have a great deal of experience in safeguarding precious goods, mitigating risk, and dealing with customs processes, among other things. In addition, Mission Protection will ensure that you are in compliance with all safety regulations in order to avoid any fines. We take care of everything, and at a reasonable price as well.

      Mission Protection Service is a renowned event security firm serving the locals of Southern California. We supply highly trained event security personnel that can be dispatched in less than two hours. Our security officers can be hired on a 24-hour basis or as needed.