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    High-Quality Restaurant Security Guard Services

    Restaurants are designed to be locations where a large number of people may gather to Industrial Security Guard Services enjoy their meal, talk with one another, relax, and then leave in peace. Some restaurants are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while others are only open for a limited time period. Every restaurant, regardless of its hours of operation, requires a reasonable level of protection to ensure that its customers are not disturbed while they are eating there. Mission Protection provides the most cost-effective private security for restaurants and bars in California. Our management team has a combined total of more than 60 years of experience in the security industry and knows how to provide skilled, personalized protection services. Employee theft, employee pilferage, unlawful access, and belligerent conduct are all things that our team of highly trained guards can help you avoid. As a consequence, you’ll be better able to manage the risks associated with your organization, boost the safety and comfort of your employees and customers, and successfully safeguard and secure your assets. 


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      We provide security guard services in the following counties of California:

      Premium Restaurant Security Guards Services All Over California 24/7

      Despite the fact that restaurants are supposed to be calm and pleasant settings, things might go Industrial Security Guard Services wrong if there is no security against theft and vandalism in the establishment. In many cases, customers bring valuables to restaurants and some dress in costly clothing. As a result, there should be no opportunity for criminals or robbers to gain entry into the establishments and cause chaos. Armed, uniformed guards can create an uncomfortable environment for robbers and criminals, which is another compelling reason for restaurants to hire professional security guards.  

      A number of unpleasant scenarios, including a verbal or physical altercation between diners, might develop in specific circumstances. The presence of a uniformed security officer from Mission Protection can help to prevent such situations from occurring. A restaurant’s reputation is enhanced when trained security guards are on duty. Rather than jeopardizing their valuable moments, customers will opt to dine in a secure restaurant. So, don’t take the risk and call us right away!

      Why Hire Our Restaurant Security Guards?
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      Professional Service

      Our well-trained guards are highly effective in deterring theft, vandalism, graffiti, loitering, trespassing, and other criminal activities on site. Utilize this high-quality service, which is available at a reasonable price, to achieve the results you deserve with our qualified team of professionals.

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      Highly-Trained Security Guards

      To ensure your safety, we provide you with personnel who have undergone professional training and are highly qualified. They are also licensed and authorized. You can rely on our guards' expertise and be confident that they will handle security-related issues in a professional and courteous manner.

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      Quality Protection

      Get the results you deserve with this high-quality service and at a reasonable price! Every job is handled by a qualified team of professionals who bring their years of experience and knowledge to the table. However, what truly distinguishes our services from the rest of the industry is our meticulous attention to detail and responsiveness to the individual needs of each client.


      It’s usual for restaurants to gather a significant amount of cash on-site as customers come and go and tips pour in for excellent service, and thieves are well aware of this fact due to their frequent visits. The requirement for restaurant security ensures the safety of your customers, employees, and assets. Professional security guards work with you to develop a complete restaurant crime prevention and security program that provides as much or as little security as you require to maintain a secure and inviting atmosphere for your customers and employees. They even collaborate with you behind the scenes to ensure that your guests have a memorable eating experience. This includes loss prevention, crime prevention, and crime prevention through environmental design.  

      The greatest private security services offered to Southern California’s pubs and restaurants are provided by us using fully licensed security guards, remote monitoring systems, continual training, close management oversight, and industry-best practices, among other things. Many other private security-related courses are taught to our guards, including the specialized security requirements of the restaurant and bar industries. This implies that they are prepared to assist with conflict management, lock up and alarm, escorts, emergency response, bag inspections, door surveillance, evacuation planning, incident and activity reporting, crowd control, and ticket collection, among other things.

      When it comes to protecting and serving our clients, our whole team at Mission Protection Services goes above and beyond. Our clients’ safety and contentment are our top priorities, and we put nothing else before them. We do an in-depth analysis of our client’s particular security requirements and then pair them with highly experienced and talented officers who can meet their needs. Our knowledgeable management team, as well as each and every security officer, goes to considerable lengths to assure the safety and contentment of our customers. It is our job to ensure your safety and contentment!

      During consultations, your dedicated team manager will evaluate the complexity of your requirements and assist you in putting together a security detail that is suited to your exact need. While some clients may demand greater protection than others, your risk considerations will be taken into consideration to ensure that all security threats are addressed and covered to your satisfaction. We want to make sure that you are completely safe and worry-free. Our well-trained guards take great pleasure in their profession and in ensuring your complete happiness.

      Mission Protection Service is a renowned event security firm serving the locals of Southern California. We supply highly trained event security personnel that can be dispatched in less than two hours. Our security officers can be hired on a 24-hour basis or as needed.

      Depending on the state in which they are hired and work, security guards are often required to have a variety of licenses. Security guards, both armed and unarmed, must also have insurance. When you employ a security guard team from Mission Protection, you can rest easy knowing that our professional security guards are fully licensed and insured to comply with all state standards. This includes all state-mandated security guard training; all of our guards have received thorough, expert-level training.