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    For those who own or manage a brick-and-mortar business, theft is a significant source of anxiety. Your property contains merchandise, cash, and other valuable assets to criminals and should be safeguarded. Whatever business you are in or how thoroughly you teach your employees, employee theft is always possible. You might lose hundreds of dollars in stolen merchandise, as well as create an unhealthy working environment for your employees. While there is an increase in the need for loss prevention security guards, savvy business owners understand that they must hire a trustworthy security guard company to secure their assets. Mission Protection has a strong reputation in the sector. Our guards have the knowledge and experience necessary to dissuade burglars and keep your stuff secure, allowing you to save money while still enjoying peace of mind.


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      We provide security guard services in the following counties of California:

      Premium Loss Prevention Services All Over California 24/7

      Mission Protection Guards are extensively trained to recognize suspicious conduct, respond promptly, and stop thieves in their tracks. They receive the complete training available in the business. Our officers can provide you with the protection you need to conduct business safely and successfully, ranging from general loss prevention services to complete loss prevention systems.

      Using the services of a reliable security company or a guard might be advantageous in various situations. At Mission Protection, we’re incredibly well-versed in dealing with any circumstance that you or your company may find yourself or your company in. We can assist you with loss prevention security, which is one area of security in which we specialize. Our skilled staff provides loss prevention services, armed security guards, and unarmed security guards to clients throughout California.

      Why Hire Our Mobile Patrol Services?


      Our goal is to protect your goods from theft by providing loss prevention services by well-trained security guards. Preventative intervention, such as our loss prevention security guard services, is defined as taking actions to reduce the likelihood of incidents that could result in losses.

      Risk Assessment

      While patrols and on-site security are undoubtedly helpful, we feel that loss prevention service is just as vital. We ensure to take the time to sit down with them and do a complete study of potential hazards for our clients.

      Customized Retail Security Services

      Each client receives a service that is unique to them. We take great satisfaction in developing the most effective security measures tailored to each individual client's needs. Private security officers are available round the clock for protection in the retail and corporate sectors.


      Risk management, theft prevention, and overall company safety are essential aspects of any business. Security loss prevention is a critical business function that helps companies reduce risk, prevent theft, and boost company safety. The primary focus is on eliminating preventable losses such as shoplifting (both internal and external), shrinkage, and administrative mistakes to maintain profit. While maintaining public safety standards, trained security guards keep an eye on shoppers and recognize potential signs of stealing.

      Loss prevention guards perform various functions that are beneficial to your organization. Security guards with specialized skills in loss prevention will be your most helpful tool in keeping your business safe and secure, from detecting potential shoplifters to preventing would-be criminals from fleeing with the merchandise.

      Security products are among the most widely used and effective loss prevention measures available. Shoplifting is detected and deterred by cameras, mirrors, security tags, sensors, and security guards. Small, costly, or regularly stolen objects should be kept locked away.

      When you’re trying to find a reliable security company that offers loss protection services, Mission Protection is the only place to be. Here, our employees provide the most professional security services provider in California. We are the fastest-growing security and protection services firm in our field, and we plan to continue this growth. We provide our guards and supervisors with all of the latest technologies and emergency response plans to ensure that they can deal with any potential issue without difficulty.

      Mission Protection’s loss prevention service is concerned with preventing inventory losses caused by employee theft, shoplifting, fraud, and vendor theft, among other things. For organizations, preventing employee theft is a perennial source of contention. The issues of vandalism, theft and personal attacks must also be considered by a business owner when operating a place of business. Having a foolproof security plan helps decrease stock losses while also providing shoppers with a safe and welcoming environment. We also provide undercover store detectives to assist in the fight against shoplifting and reducing losses.