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    Mission Protection provides armed and unarmed security guard services for various industries day and night, including foot patrol, vehicle patrol, and golf cart patrol. We offer private security guard services on-site to safeguard you and your company.

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    According to national data, annually, approximately 1 billion dollars in construction theft is reported, with only about a quarter of that amount being recovered. Many construction sites are vulnerable to internal theft as well as outside intruders; therefore, it is critical that proper safety precautions are put in place.

    mission protection services warehouse

    Thieves and vandals target warehouse facilities of all sizes, and they can cause significant loss. Labor disputes also threaten warehouse facilities. With a well-thought-out security plan in place, Mission Protection Services always recommends that such facilities be adequately prepared for potential security breaches.

    mission protection services apartment

    Apartment security services are provided by Mission Protection for properties of all shapes and sizes. Our apartment security guards are trained to keep residents safe and to deal with disruptive tenants, regardless of how many units are on the property. Apartment complexes have emerged as one of the most successful growth sectors.

    mission protection services hospital

    Despite the fact that most states in the US have approved the use of medicinal marijuana for distribution, businesses affiliated with it continue to operate in a legal gray area at the moment. Marijuana continues to be classed as a Schedule 1 restricted substance at the federal level, which creates an issue for businesses.

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    Currently, the threat to your livelihood is bigger than it has ever been in the history of mankind. The risk of loss and theft exists regardless of whether you own a retail establishment or an office building. Mission Protection Services can be of assistance. Other security organizations just cannot compete with our stellar reputation in the industry.

    mission protection services pharmacy

    Health Institutions are usually a very busy zone that must be protected around the clock in order for them to function properly. Having safety measures in places, such as security cameras, alarms, and traffic control within the building, is insufficient! The role of hospital security guards is critical in ensuring safety.

    mission protection services poker cards

    It’s common knowledge that casino deals with large sums of money. The temptation for customers and employees to perpetrate a crime is strong. The presence of a large number of individuals with various motives raises the chances of intruders and trespassers breaking into a casino and committing a variety of crimes.

    mission protection services factory

    Imagine waking up at 2 a.m. to an alarm system that went off at your industrial site, then having to run down to the site—or losing sleep because you’re always concerned about the security of your goods in the warehouse. Concerns have been raised about the possibility of your factory and its assets not being secured by security personnel.

    mission protection services restaurant

    Restaurants are designed to be locations where a large number of people may gather to enjoy their meal, talk with one another, relax, and then leave in peace. Some restaurants are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while others are only open for a limited time period. Every restaurant requires a reasonable level of protection.

    mission protection services bank

    Among the institutions that demand a high level of security are banks and other financial institutions, to name a few. These are the places where huge sums of money are kept and then distributed among many parties. A failure to put in place adequate security procedures might jeopardize the money as well as the lives of personnel.

    mission protection services transportation

    When goods are enroute, they are more susceptible to mishaps like theft and damage than when they are at their final destination. According to statistics, people and organizations alike lose a significant amount of money every year as a result of damaged or missing shipments. Transportation and logistics security services can aid you.

    mission protection services mall

    Among the most dynamic places in the contemporary era are shopping malls and other similar establishments. As long as these bustling establishments are available to the public, they are frequently packed every minute of the day. This group of people is made up of people with a variety of personalities and goals.


    You risk living in continual fear of danger in your environment if you do not have adequate security. That’s why it’s essential to hire a reputable security guard service or fire-watch service in the California to protect your property, business, or family. A reputable security guard company in San Francisco will not only protect the safety of your commercial or residential property but will also assist you in identifying potential threats so that you may take appropriate action as soon as they are identified. The sheer physical presence of a well-dressed and well-prepared security officer on your property can serve to dissuade potential criminal conduct on your premises.
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