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    Restaurant security guards How to keep your business safe

    Restaurant Security Guards: How to Keep Your Business Safe

    People go to restaurants to enjoy delicious food, spend quality time with friends and family, and take a respite from their daily routine. However, people now think twice before dining out due to increased crime rates, as such places are also vulnerable to attacks. In such a scenario, hiring restaurant security guards seems like the wisest option for those looking to keep their place safe. Experts agree that implementing restaurant security solutions can ensure it remains a safe place for both employees and guests. For this purpose, you can hire a professional restaurant security guard to keep your business running smoothly.

    How Restaurants Ensure the Safety of Their Employees and Guests

    • Screen the Employees

    Restaurants can conduct background checks on their employees, especially if they have the keys to the place. In addition, guidelines can be given to the employees regarding their behavior, and it should be ensured that any violation will result in appropriate disciplinary action. Restaurants can hire security guards who can also work as disciplinary officers to keep the business safe. Restaurant security guards can look after whether the staff and other members in the restaurant are following the rules and regulations or not. They will immediately bring in the notice of the management for further action in case of any misconduct done by any employee or guest.

    • Strategically Design the Restaurant

    Security restaurant experts will guide you on how the restaurant’s design should be such that security is not compromised. For instance, they will tell the security management that security should never be sacrificed, no matter how important aesthetics are. There shouldn’t be obstructions present along with the entry and exit points. Also, they will ensure that restaurant security systems are installed and are in working condition.

    • Have Restaurant Security Guards Train Employees

    Another tip restaurant management can take to protect its place is to train its employees on the steps to take during an emergency. They can hire one of the best security guard companies in Orange County, CA, to train their employees on ways to spot crucial red flags and what to do in an emergency. The response time of security guards is instant, as they are physically present and trained. They can teach restaurant employees how to handle a crucial situation by taking immediate action. Thus, there is no need to wait for law enforcement agencies to handle the situation in case of an emergency, as the restaurant staff will be trained to take immediate action.

    • Ensure Extra Security

    Other than hiring restaurant security guards, restaurants can ensure extra security of their places by installing CCTV cameras that monitor the cash counter, entry and exit points, and other vulnerable areas. In addition, a safe room can be made equipped with communication devices and an internal locking door.

    Also, alarms should be put in place to ensure that security personnel is able to respond during a burglary. Glass windows should also be applied with clear window film for protection.

    Restaurants should also have fire extinguishers that must not be placed in the kitchen. Emergency lights and exit signs should be placed throughout the space.

    • Change Security Passwords & Keys

    If an employee with access to important data leaves the restaurant, the management must change the passwords, keys, and other items that grant access to confidential information. Your restaurant security guards should be able to help you with this process.

    Ex-restaurant employees have the potential to become intelligent criminals. Though most of them might not be criminally inclined, planning and implementing a theft or pulling off an elaborate scheme becomes significantly easier with someone who knows your security systems inside and out.

    This is one of the reasons why it is so important to listen to disagreements and other issues of your employees and keep them on your side to minimize the possibility that they will exploit what they know about your business.

    • Other Security Measures

    It is important that restaurant management plan ahead. Keep a minimal amount of money in a cash register and keep vigilant at all times. By employing restaurant security guards, you can rest at ease knowing that they will keep a lookout for any sign of potential danger.

    Benefits of Hiring Restaurant Security Guards

    One of the obvious benefits of hiring a restaurant security guard is that a professional, trained, bonded, licensed, and insured security service provider will be better equipped to provide restaurant security than a restaurant staff member. On-site restaurant staff is often younger, less experienced, and skilled in this matter.

    Restaurant security guards are professionally trained to observe for signs of trouble beforehand. They keep an eye on unruly, drunken, or dangerous customers refusing to leave when asked or guests who seem to be violent toward others. They are also trained to be sensitive to signs of possible danger outside the restaurant, immediately call law enforcement agencies if needed, and work with them to mitigate the situation.

    Besides, the restaurant security guards take immediate and swift action in case of an incident. For example, if a fight breaks out in the restaurant, the restaurant security guard would be able to immediately handle the situation and remove the guests causing the havoc.

    Similarly, in emergencies, including a fire breakout, a bomb blast, or an accident, security guards jump into action to ensure the safety and protection of the guests. They are trained to handle crisis circumstances.

    An added benefit of restaurant security guards is that they can also act as customer service representatives. When guests have questions, they look for the men in uniform to answer. This is where security guards come in extremely handy. It is the responsibility of security guards to be personable and professional with the guests and guide them accordingly.

    Take Away A restaurant should be a place where people can dine out without worrying about their safety and security. If your restaurant provides that level of safety to its guests, the guests will keep visiting your place and recommend it to others. Thus it is important to have on-site restaurant security guards along with restaurant video security so that your employees and guest feel protected and secure.

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    1. Thanks for mentioning that security guards will help keep an eye on unruly customers. I’ve been thinking about getting security guards for my restaurant since we had an incident a few weeks ago. A customer got violent and started yelling, and it was a big scene.

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