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    How security guards can protect us

    How Security Guards Can Protect Us

    If you own a business or work as a site supervisor, you are responsible for the safety of those who conduct business on your premises. It is more crucial than ever to take action to protect individuals who are under your care, especially considering the rising crime rate these days. These responsibilities should not be treated lightly. One of the best methods to defend what is most essential to you is with unarmed security guards. Most people feel secure when security personnel are around. Their presence adds an additional level of protection. Even visitors feel safer when security personnel are visible in and around the area.

    You should look for a security agency that has security guards with  prior experience. The greatest possible protection for your establishment can be obtained from unarmed guards. Mission Protection Services’ unarmed security guards can help you achieve your security objectives regardless of whether you operate a modest business, supervise a construction site, or monitor a residential community. Our unarmed security guards are among the best-trained, thoroughly vetted, and background-checked people in the security business. They are brimming with skill, information, and experiences. When it comes to securing locations of all shapes and sizes, our expert security officers are unmatched. If an individual becomes violent, our security team can provide protection for the rest of the people immediately.

    Duties of Unarmed Security Guards:

    Several business owners feel that the only way to guarantee the maximum protection is with armed security guards. This isn’t always the case, though. Unarmed security guards might be a better fit for your needs for a variety of reasons. When regular security surveillance is required and an armed security guard’s presence at a location could cause unwanted stress, unarmed security guards are essential. Such sites include malls, universities, jewelry shops, art galleries, and other venues for public gatherings. Security officers working without weapons serve as gatekeepers. They regulate who has access to and is allowed to enter a certain structure or facility.

    Unarmed guards are usually former or off-duty members of the military or police who are equipped to deal with a range of security risks. Unarmed guards typically keep a keen eye out for small-scale theft, monitor containers and product showcases, and watch customers to make sure no violations of law take place (such as shoplifting). They also report any strange activity or suspicious individuals who enter the property to the management so that prompt action can be taken if necessary. Some of them maintain track of the visitors’ credentials by requiring them to provide identification documents or cards and noting the number of the vehicles. Unarmed Security Guards must be vigilant and attentive for anything unusual, and use their judgment to determine when to seek assistance.

    During huge gatherings, maintaining order among attendees is another obligation of unarmed security officers. They make every effort to ensure the security of everyone there and avoid a swarm. Most of the time, there won’t be any armed security personnel visible to you, but it does not imply the location isn’t protected. The primary line of defense in certain public spaces has been provided by unarmed security personnel. They also provide assistance to those in need. Security officers who are not equipped with weapons are there to prevent crimes, not to deal with them. All of this indicates that an unarmed security guard performs many of the same duties as an armed security guard, with the exception that they do not carry a weapon.

    A security guard’s duties and obligations extend beyond only surveillance, patrolling, and alerting authorities to any illicit behavior. Sometimes unarmed security guards are employed for a specific task, such as collaborating with those in charge of protecting money or even other assets, and their responsibility is to safeguard the goods while in transit. Additionally, they could be required to carry out particular duties like running errands, replying to work-related texts and phone calls, and other additional tasks.

    What Do Unarmed Security Guards Do In The Case Of An Emergency?

    If a criminal attack or someone gets violent with another person, security guards are supposed to just contact the police in order to deal with it. Unarmed security guards are prepared to briefly restrain an individual when a situation turns violent or when there is any cause to suppose that an arrest is justified. However, security guards would undoubtedly require the assistance of local police officers if perpetrators are carrying weapons. Given that a delay in assistance could result in the loss of lives, such situations necessitate caution and sound judgment. Therefore, an unarmed guard must act quickly to contact the police in any challenging scenario. If a client becomes violent, security staff can provide protection. However, basic security duties aside, unarmed security guards should also have CPR training in case the need arises.                                

    Costs are becoming a bigger worry for business owners. Although having armed security staff is necessary, it can be costly. Unarmed security guards are more economical for many small firms that do not have a huge budget and all those who don’t function in high-risk situations. A professional who offers protection to people and businesses without using firearms is known as an unarmed security guard. We can work more effectively with unarmed security guards if we are aware of their duties. Even though there may have been instances when we thought it was pointless and a waste of time, these dependable people are simply performing their jobs to keep everybody, including you, secure.  Though they are usually underestimated, unarmed security professionals offer a vital service to every organization. Our primary layer of protection against disgruntled clients, criminals, or unwelcome trespassers is an unarmed security guard