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    Unmatched Watch Security Services in Orange County

    Mission Protection’s vision is to deliver a comprehensive range of world-class and industry-leading security and Fire Watch Services to residential, commercial, retail, and construction security clients and other businesses in Orange County, California. Here, provide expert fire surveillance services to the residents of the community to experience the benefits of safety. To fulfill our goal, we first listen to your requirements and learn about your expectations from us. This information assists us in developing a professional solution that is suited to your demands and the needs of your property and staff. Following that, we undertake a comprehensive site assessment, which incorporates the knowledge and recommendations of our highly educated and trained fire watch experts.


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      We provide security guard services in the following counties of California:

      Premium Fire Watch Guard Services All Over Orange County 24/7

      Risk, loss, and any fire dangers on the premises are dealt with and minimized by the fire watch security guards working on Mission Protection. Our reputable fire watch firm strives to educate and train our employees on how to conduct a check on buildings and premises in a major fire emergency. They check to see that fire extinguishers, alarms, and other supplies are in proper working order during their regular patrols. If the fire alarms go off, the guards are responsible for ensuring that all employees are evacuated and that the appropriate authorities are notified of the incident. 

      Suppose you require assistance for a short or long period. In that case, whether it is planned or the consequence of an unexpected equipment failure, the licensed fire watch security officers at Mission Protection are ready to assist you in protecting you and your customers from disaster. Having the assurance that there is a fire watch guard on duty in Orange County and that you are receiving the best fire watch is a comforting thought at all times. 

      Why Hire Our Fire Watch Security Guards in Orange County?


      Our security officers have received extensive training in identifying potential threats and collaborating with local 911 officials. We ensure that you remain in compliance with the neighborhood firefighters and provide you with the best possible fire watch security.


      Our vigilant fire watch guards serve as a physical fire detection system. They thoroughly maintain safe conditions and guarantee that the entire area is not immediately dangerous. They are the next best thing to ensuring the safety of everyone and everything on the job site.

      Extra efforts

      When a malfunctioning fire detection system is discovered, our licensed fire watch guards are the first to respond. They stay on site until the fire detection system's complete range of functions is operational, and the entire area has been inspected and certified by the Fire Marshalls. 


      Our fire watch services are tailored to each work while adhering to universal norms and tasks. Once our guards are familiarized with the region, they will make regular rounds. These rounds can be performed every 15 minutes or every hour, depending on the area. They check all emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and ignition sources. Guards arrive with all they need to notify and evacuate in case of fire safely. They will have keys to the entire building and any items used to record data. Our fire watch guards will report round start and end times, issue areas, and discussions with DPS or local fire departments.

      Mission Protection offers the following fire watch services;

      • General fire watch
      • Around the clock surveillance
      • Fire watch security services
      • Keeping fire watch logs in good condition
      • Security for fire detection system operations
      • Ensure fire safety equipment are in order

      Mission Protection’s fire watch personnel have received extensive training, have years of experience, and have the necessary equipment to perform their duties independently. When working with Mission Protection fire watch services, the customer can rest assured that the asset and its workers will be adequately safeguarded in the event of an emergency fire.

      Mission Protection’s fire watch guards are fully trained and certified to meet all state and local regulations specified by the fire marshal. They have received specialized training in fire safety, as well as on the specific fire safety equipment and evacuation procedures that are specific to your area. Because we are local, we are familiar with the codes, laws, and criteria for fire safety in our area.

      Business owners, hotels, government facilities security, multifamily housing, senior living facilities, and schools are just a few places where we provide fire watch services. We collaborate with our clients to design a security program that meets their specific requirements and is compatible with their specific financial constraints.