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    Top 3 reason to have armed security guards

    Top 3 Reasons to Employ Armed Security Guard Services

    It is undeniable that security has become of paramount importance. Theft, robbery, vandalism, trespassing, and random act of violence can happen anywhere and anytime. Under such circumstances, it is essential to have armed security guard services at your disposal to prevent any such situation from escalating into much worse.

    What Are Armed Security Guard Services?

    There is a requirement for armed security personnel in areas that require a more stringent level of security. Armed security guards are frequently deployed in high-threat scenarios, such as those in which a person’s life is in jeopardy or in situations in which a company or property is situated in a high-crime neighborhood.

    Armed guards are trained and licensed to lawfully carry a firearm; they are required to complete additional training and obtain a state-mandated firearms certification. Because of their familiarity with firearms, armed security guards are frequently former members of the military or law enforcement authorities. Companies that deal with valuable items or services are the ones who typically engage armed security guard services for their premises.

    Though the benefits of armed security guard services are multi-faceted, here are the top three:

    • Armed guards are fully experienced in providing quick response time
    • Armed security guard services provide security for people facing threats
    • Armed guards have an effective deterrent

    Let’s have a look at these points in detail:

    Top 3 Reasons to Employ Armed Security Guard Services

    1. Armed guards are fully experienced in providing quick response time

    In a world where theft and robbery are not uncommon, armed security personnel provides an extra pair of eyes to prevent such situations. The culprit being aware of the presence of an armed security guard, will think twice before indulging in any malicious activity. Armed security guard services can provide immediate action in multiple aspects, such as quick intervention in theft and robbery and de-escalating a situation to stop any further damage that an assailant may inflict.

    Moreover, armed security guards are well trained to deter violence. Usually, organizations alert the local security agencies in case of any criminal activity or any scenario that is causing trouble to the organization or its people. Law enforcement agencies may take a while to arrive on the scene, escalating the situation. Armed security guards can handle any crime while waiting for law enforcement agencies. Due to their extensive training, armed security guard services can handle any difficult situation and collaborate with law enforcement agencies.

    • Armed security guard services provide security for people facing threats

    One of the armed security guard duties entails providing bodyguard services to the people who face threats. These people can range from politicians and celebrities who are always in the public eye or rich people such as business owners who face such threatening scenarios. Compared to unarmed security personnel, armed security personnel provides greater security as they are armed and professionally trained to handle such life-threatening scenarios.

    • Armed guards have an effective deterrent

    Before being allowed to provide armed security guard services, every professional security guard must pass a series of tests and complete extensive training. Their rigorous training entails recognizing and understanding suspicious behaviors and activities to stop potential threats before they can cause significant harm. They can quickly identify any suspicious activity taking place in the area that may lead to more serious crimes if they have received sufficient training in this area. Criminals can be dissuaded from carrying out their illegal activities in your neighborhood if you have a security guard who has received adequate training. In addition, the presence of a security officer can deter individuals who may have criminal intent from coming to your location, hence reducing the risk of criminal activity.

    Some Other Benefits of Armed Security Guard Services Include:

    • Armed security guards go through background checks: Providing armed security guard services requires a thorough background check of the individual. All individuals who apply for this service are subjected to rigorous background checks, including work history, criminal history, and medical history. It is of utmost importance to run background checks because security guards will be armed. It is also mandatory that they are physically and mentally fit. So, if you see an armed security guard, one can be sure that they have no criminal record and are well trained to perform their duties professionally.
    • Armed security guards make people feel safer than unarmed security guards: People and individuals feel much safer when they see armed security personnel around when it comes to the security of personal property, businesses, or any other valuable assets. People and organizations trust licensed companies who provide trained and certified armed personnel for their security. Having armed security guard services gives a greater sense of security and contentment to people as compared to unarmed security.
    • Enhance Workplace Safety: Employees need to feel secure to work without distraction and worry. Having armed security guard services for employee protection will make them feel secure in the workplace and enhance their productivity. Investing in professional security will be awarded loyalty, respect, and appreciation for the business.
    • They Provide Constant Monitoring and Report: When it comes to monitoring, video surveillance cameras are the most effective tools, so they are installed in every structure as part of the protection and safety measures. Despite being able to monitor the locations where it was installed, it cannot prevent criminals from engaging in illicit conduct. However, when you hire armed security guard services, they will be able to effectively monitor the entire area and take appropriate action when something seems suspicious. They can end criminal activity and catch offenders before they cause too much damage by doing so.

    Why Should You Think About Hiring Armed Security Guards for Your Business?

    Your number one concern should be the well-being of your company, its employees, and its clientele; hence, you must ensure that an efficient security system is in place. Armed security guard services are a viable choice. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to employ armed protection, you should contact the experts at Mission Protection. They are one of the most reliable services of armed security guards in California. Speak with an experienced member of our customer service team about setting up an appointment to receive assistance with any aspect of your security requirements.

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