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    About Us

    California is one of the wealthiest and most prosperous in the United States of America. Being in the hub of a thriving entertainment and technology industry, the state is a sought-after destination for business travelers, visitors, and residents looking to enjoy the California lifestyle in a safe and hospitable atmosphere. With the most people per square mile of any state in the United States, California presents a unique mix of security challenges to residents and businesses alike. That’s why the state residents rely on Mission Protection Services to provide dependable, professional security guards who can assist them in dealing with these challenges.

    Values Statement

    mission protection professionalism


    Highly professional service in every which way.

    mission protection leadership


    Extensively trained guards to handle any situation.

    mission protection teamwork


    Working together to provide you with perfection.

    mission protection dedication


    We are dedicated to the safety of our clients.

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    We like to keep all our processes crystal clear.

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    Committed to providing high-quality services.

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    We prioritize integrity above all that we do.

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    Our team comprises of diverse ethnicities.


    What started off as a small security guard and patrol service company in the Bay Area has now expanded its reach throughout Southern California, and Mission Protection is only growing by the day! In a short span of time, we have established ourselves as the security service team of choice for major organizations throughout the county. Mission Protection has been able to increase the value of its services for the small businesses that it began serving since it has grown to be one of the largest security organizations. We now provide security guards and security patrol services to a variety of venues, including schools and streets throughout California, to keep them safe and clean.


    We have created a system that ensures that our security specialists are accountable to their clients while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction on a consistent basis. These teams are comprised of Security Operation Managers, Security Consultants, Account Executives, Field Supervisors, and a first-rate Human Resources Department that ensures that every customer receives first-class security personnel. Furthermore, we have taught our management teams to treat every client, no matter how large or small, with the same level of zeal and professionalism. We work with well-known companies and individuals around California, ensuring their complete satisfaction every step of the way.


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      Our Innovative Approach to Security

      At Mission Protection, our approach to security is simple and straightforward. We don’t believe in cookie cutters and custom designs our security guard services to match the specific demands of our clients while employing only the highest-quality, expertly-trained security officers in Southern California. This approach is strengthened by our commitment to delivering the most technologically sophisticated security options. We create customized security programs, which include recruiting and training the appropriate personnel, developing site-specific policies and procedures, and designing and installing security devices that meet each site’s specific needs. We strive to find unique solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations.



      Wondering what makes us one of the top security guard companies in California? We offer:

      No Long Term Contracts
      Licensed – Bonded – Insured
      Professional, Well-Trained Guards
      24-hour Dispatch Center
      Tech-Based Platform
      GPS Monitored Guards Activities